DEDuino PCB rev.D

Last Month I’ve sourced DEDuino PCB. REV.D for the Main Board and the Indexers out to production (ITEAD studios) . Key Feature of the RevDs is the switch to I2C, and the switch to Shield type form-factor for Supporting Arduino Due. However, I’ve also incorporated Uno and Mega support while at it.

I’ve finally got the boards in the mail and started assembling them.

RevD Boards - Main board, configured for Due and the indexers
RevD Boards – Main board, configured for Due and the indexers

Read more for the rest of the process and features.

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Standalone Cougar TQS (Throttle) – Part III

In the last two posts we worked with the hardware and basic code for debugging. In this post we will go over the basic changes done in the actual code.

Everything is already available in the download page.
You can browse the code and download all the stuff you need (including a pre-compiled Hex, ready to be uploaded to your device – incl. a simple script to help with it for those of you who only want it to work :))

Here is a small clip showing how it looks in windows.

Now let’s dig into some technical stuff (only if you want to) 🙂

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standalone Cougar TQS (Throttle) – Part I

A viper pit without a correct throttle is not fun.
however, Cougar is old, annoying and simply not a WH stick. but there is no replacement for the throttle.

in the long run, I want to build a throttle arm, and have the cougar TQS converted to hall sensor. but between here then there, I have a lot to do. so I’ve decided to opt for the much easier interim solution similar to the RS TUSBA (Throttle USB Adapter) – it’s not as classy, well made, and it’s defiantly not R2 (the final throttle will be closer to the R2). but with some basic work, it’s cost less then 35 Euros the TUSBA R1 currently costs.

In this part I’ll cover just the basic adapter PCB (not the software needed to drive it) – that will be in a future post (once I figure it out).

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