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Retrofitting my ACESII – Part 2

So I’ve used the weekend to good use and finished the modding of my viperwing ACESII seat.

I’ve started my weekend by getting in the car and driving to visit a fellow nut – “Peten” from Viperpits.

I went there to look at his work, help him out with fixing his TIR clip (the darn plastic crap clip “pro”)

I took my plate with me, as his pit is full metal, I’ve figured that his workshop is much better equipped then my balcony…
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Retrofitting My ACESII – Part I

Well as you already know, I’ve got the VIperWing pit in my build.
It’s beautifully made, but I’ve been a little abusive on it, and broke it a little.

It started when I’ve got the pit, but didn’t have the cushions for the ACESII, As I’m living in a contry operating the second largest F-16 fleet, I’ve started sniffing around about getting my hands on the original seat cushions…. So in the meanwhile I’ve been using the seat with just a small Ikea cushion I had lying around… well, as it tuned out, it wasn’t a very smart idea….

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