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DEDuino PCB rev.D

Last Month I’ve sourced DEDuino PCB. REV.D for the Main Board and the Indexers out to production (ITEAD studios) . Key Feature of the RevDs is the switch to I2C, and the switch to Shield type form-factor for Supporting Arduino Due. However, I’ve also incorporated Uno and Mega support while at it.

I’ve finally got the boards in the mail and started assembling them.

RevD Boards - Main board, configured for Due and the indexers
RevD Boards – Main board, configured for Due and the indexers

Read more for the rest of the process and features.

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PCB – First batch review and notes

I’ve FInally got the PCBs I’ve ordered. it has been a holiday here pretty much all of the second half of September up till mid October. So the post office/customs were barely working – while waiting I’ve noticed a few issues with the main board. which triggered a redesign to Rev.B. In addition, Redneck of Viperpits have pointed out that my PCB design for the Indexers is all wrong, so we have Rev. B on that too.

All boards as Deliverd
All boards as Deliverd

in the meanwhile – let’s look at Rev.A boards in depth and see what we can find.

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Caution Panel – Initial Design and soldering

I’ll start with an apology – I’ve been working on prototyping for this for over a week, And I’ve never too a video or a photo of the prototype working on the breadboard. So this post would be somewhat less illustrated then I would have wanted. sorry 🙁

I’ve decided to take the Indexer design concept and use the Shift register chip’s ability to be chained as a way to drive the Cation panel.

F-16 caution panel is made up of 4 rows of 8 lamps – classic for 8bit shift register, I just need to chain 4 of them and presto – the entire caution panel on 3 pins using SPI (CS, SCK and MOSI – where SCK and MOSI are shared among all the other devices anyway).

We’ll start by looking at the Caution panel structure itself.
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DED Adventures – PCBs are out to fabrication

I’ve had some more time to work on the PCBs and I’ve submitted them for fabrication. I’ve chose to use the ITEADstudio Service, They have got some reasonable reviews and I’ve be getting 10 boards for a fair price. I’ve looked to other fabrication options, but most of them were considerably more expensive.

I’m not doing a full post – just a quick update.
once the Boards are in I’ll write a proper post about the design, assembly and testing..

Can’t wait 🙂