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“Weekly update” – Nov/Dec 2015

I have been quite for too long 🙂 with the release of BMS4.33 followed by the Israeli Theater, I’ve had not much time to update the blog. However the Pit has been going places 🙂

first of all, I’ve replaced by 27″ 1440p display with a 40″ 4k computer monitor. I’m still tweaking graphics options, to get the performance to where I want it.. but it looks good!

I’ve also finally re-wired my pit, and installed the ICP, making things even better 🙂

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in addition, I’ve been tweaking with the TQS adapter, trying to add a curve to the microstick, allowing better finetuned control in game.

In addition,
I’ve also published on github a little GUI wrapper for avrdude that allows a quick upload of images to ATMEGA 32u4 chips, I use it to quickly upload new FW to the throttle and ICP, but I assume others might find it usefull for other things as well.

Both of them are linked on the download page.

Weekly update – 2015/08/16

This week’s topics:

  • ICP still stuck in customs  😐
  • Still working on the eyebrow lights – hope to get it done sometime soon 😉
  • DEDuino code and app are going through some major changes and evolved quite nicely over the last few weeks
  • Caution Panel – I’ve ordered a caution panel from Jshep, in stead of building one from scratch.
  • DEDuino “User guide”.

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Weekly Update – 2015/07/16

After a long long time, I figured it’s as good as any time to say a little on where I’m going in the near future.

  1. I need a new caution panel to work with I2C, I’m also switching from “source” to “Sink” si I’ll need to rewire the entire caution panel. so i’m in the process of figure out how is the best way to do it (and make it better) – either way, it’s about 8 hours of hand wiring I’m not looking forward for.

  2. once I get the CP done, I’ll need to adjust my DEDuino code, and I’ll be releasing it. the i2c code is already available in the git (1.2.0 – alpha 2). I’m looking forward for 1.2.0

  3. ICP – it’s really, really overdue. it seems that 90% of the time my hand touches the mouse it’s for the ICP.  I have a unique opportunity with the ICP, I’ll update on that when I can.  but it will be another project starring the Arduino Pro-micro and the LUFA library 🙂

Weekly Update – 2015/02/14

Hi guys,
It’s time for the weekly update.

I’ve finally had some time to sit down and check the i2c code.
I’ve started with the indexers, they seem to be working,  which means I was able to finish the new Main board and indexers board, and send it out to ITEAD for production. It should be arriving in a month or so. that will give me some time to manually rewire a new Caution panel control board for I2C.

I’m making good progress on the ICP, I’ve got the Arduino ProMicro code figured out and it’s ready to attached to the switches.

So I’ve started working on hand wiring a PCB for the ICP as well.
it will be a multi-layer board, all hand soldered.
switches and LEDs on the first layer, 2nd layer will be the Pot and the DCS. 3rd layer will consist of all the electronics needed to drive it. I’ll post some progress reports as I will start to actually work on it.

Moon from VP, has tweaked the DED fonts some more, giving us another font variation with a font aspect ratio which is closer to the real thing. it will be added to the next release of DEDuino.

Weekly update – 2015/2/8

Hi guys,
I’ve missed a few posts due to other commitments,
So a quick update.

  1. I’ve received the connectors needed to jet the JAY-EL connected. I’m still not there, but I’ll get there at some point.
  2. I’ve started working on the ICP, finding the correct way to layout the switches is problematic, and the pots I have won’t fit properly with the panel. I’m still looking for a solution to that.
    HOWEVER, I’ve found 3mm flat top LEDs (that are used in the TM WH for backlighing. I’ll be using them also, as they allow nice spacing with the buttons (they are almost the same height).
  3. More on the ICP, I’m made some progress on interfacing everything. it’s still far from ready, but it will be an upgrade-able system, and will be the base for everything else I’m planning to do in the input department.
    Initial testing of the ICP on the breadboard. 8 buttons and 2 axis

    On the computer side it’s already a 32 button, 4 axis device:

    Initial HID test. shows up as a functioning 4 axis, 32 buttons Joystick.
    Initial HID test.
    shows up as a functioning 4 axis, 32 buttons Joystick.