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DEDuino – v1.1

First patch for DEDuino.

New features include:

  • a new optional DED font by “Cool hand” (activated by default)
  • A new optional FFI font based on the work of “Moon” (activated by default)
  • New FFI Bezel drawing  – based on the work of “Topper Harly” (activated by default)
  • Connector app bug fixes (Automatically updated)

Thank you guys for making this project even better

Source code and download links are available on the Download Page

Uri_ba's pit Weekly Updates

Connector app updated to v0.0.0.2

The connector app has been updated to Once launched the app will ask you to update itself.


Change log:

  • Fixed issue that caused DED to drop chars in certain cases.
  • internal update mechanism changes.
Uri_ba's pit

Decorating the pit – a little piece of hardware

Peten Kinda spoiled me. Acef, Peten and I were discussing how to create the TWP Jay-el switches, with something slightly cheaper.
Peten has the original things, and told me he, like a few other guys on VP, got theirs from Ebay by buying old RWR systems, the old IAF F-4 AN/APR-36 is pretty common around since they were retired almost a decade ago. The RWR itself is exactly the correct size, and the control panel has 10 Jay-El switches..

I’ve went to look for something, hoping to find treasures, buy I only found one busted RWR box, the price was about 80USD and I decided it will look good on the pit, to have one genuine piece of aviation hardware.

Uri_ba's pit

New DED box/screen – a point to consider

Well, remember I’ve said there is a second OLED screen that fits?

I’ve been following a member of the community, “Cool hand”, that has been following this project, He has published a few links I’ve missed while working on the initial steps. I’ve always known that New-Haven screens are a good option but were a bit taller then needed. Apparently, there is a way around it.

Jsheppard of the VP forums, creator of the PScockpit system, has blogged more then a year ago about a box and a NHD secreen combo that works for the DED.×64-oled-display.html

here are the parts on Mouser:
NHD 2.8 Oled
Hammond 1598ABK box

I’ve been using the EastRising display, mainly because of shipping issues – had I been aware of this article, I’ve been using that from the start.

for me, buying two sets cost about 85USD, but shipping this over from mauser costs additional 75USD, that’s why I’ve not been ordering anything from Mouser.

I’m now checking my options, that will probably have shipito (or similar service involved.

I now change my recommendation for a screen for the project to this one. code works, and I will re-design the PCBs accordingly.

——- Update – Nov. 20——-

I’ve been digging into the data sheet, it seems that the screen need 3V rather then the 5v tolarant one from BuyDisplay.

So I’ll thing a little about what is needed, and I’ll probably end up getting an extension for the flat cable and dismantle the PCB the same way it’s done here.

Stay tuned!

——- Update – Nov. 21 ——-

Cool hand has posted his progress on the Italian forum…

Check for yourself 😉

As “someone” once said, “Fighter pilots make movies, Bombers make history!” (I hate “Top Gun”! There I’ve said it!)

——- Update – Nov. 23 ——-
I’ve ordered the connectors and adapters I need to try and fit the East-rising display into the Hammond box. I’ll order the Box from Mouser later this week, I’m collecting stuff into my cart there to continue working on the pit (ICP toggles and CMDS panel switches).

because It’s an opportunity to order “real stuff” – with reasonable shipping per item.

I guess December will be a busy month for cockpit electronics 😉


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Retrofitting my ACESII – Part 2

So I’ve used the weekend to good use and finished the modding of my viperwing ACESII seat.

I’ve started my weekend by getting in the car and driving to visit a fellow nut – “Peten” from Viperpits.

I went there to look at his work, help him out with fixing his TIR clip (the darn plastic crap clip “pro”)

I took my plate with me, as his pit is full metal, I’ve figured that his workshop is much better equipped then my balcony…

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Retrofitting My ACESII – Part I

Well as you already know, I’ve got the VIperWing pit in my build.
It’s beautifully made, but I’ve been a little abusive on it, and broke it a little.

It started when I’ve got the pit, but didn’t have the cushions for the ACESII, As I’m living in a contry operating the second largest F-16 fleet, I’ve started sniffing around about getting my hands on the original seat cushions…. So in the meanwhile I’ve been using the seat with just a small Ikea cushion I had lying around… well, as it tuned out, it wasn’t a very smart idea….

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Solving my light Issues – initial thoughts

After trying to solve the light issues – I’ve decided to step back and look at the situation from another angle.

I have 4 OLED screens to drive – DED, PFL, CMDS and FFI
they are all using SPI – which means I’m low on I/O pins on Uno and Micro because of the need for CS for each screen.

My light situation is somewhat limited due to the same issue – If I go via SPI, I’ll need another CS pin for every device – and I’ll need to work around my issues with multiple SPI devices.

the Other option is keep the SPI for the OLEDs and swap all the lights to use I2C I/O expenders this will pretty much allow me to wire up everything and power it all via a single Arduino Due (due to the faster CPU and no memory issues). it will also allow me to overcome the issue I had with 3.3V logic on a 5V bus I have with the Due.

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DEDuino – Release Post

The day is finally here!

I’ve decided to release the project with all the issues I’ve found and could not fix – in hope that someone will be able to look at the code and schematics and help me hunt down the issues.

You can download the code from the Download Page 

And also available on github:

I hope this initial release would be a stepping stone for things to come! thank you all!


Release Readme:

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PCB – First batch review and notes

I’ve FInally got the PCBs I’ve ordered. it has been a holiday here pretty much all of the second half of September up till mid October. So the post office/customs were barely working – while waiting I’ve noticed a few issues with the main board. which triggered a redesign to Rev.B. In addition, Redneck of Viperpits have pointed out that my PCB design for the Indexers is all wrong, so we have Rev. B on that too.

All boards as Deliverd
All boards as Deliverd

in the meanwhile – let’s look at Rev.A boards in depth and see what we can find.

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DEDuino – Pre-release update

Hi Folks,
Just a quick update.

I’ve been planning to release the code this weekend, however, I’ve got my Due Friday and i’ve realized I have a big fat bug I’ve yet to resolve. So unfortunatly this show stopper will push the release back by a bit. I hope to get it working this week.

I’ll keep you all posted,