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Modding the TM Warthog with Ribbs Cougar tailpiece adapter

It has been a very long time since the last post. I had too many real world issues that I’ve barely touched the pit. however, sometime in late May I’ve got the Ribbs Cougar tail adapter for my WH stick.

it’s just the standard adapter – that fits both sticks (WH and cougar) and places the SSC in it’s correct forward 13 degrees forward position. naturally it is ment for Force modded sticks (FCC/FSSB) but it also improved the holding angle for the moving stick.

I know this is not perfect – but you can clearly see the angle change on the stick.

WH stick before and after the mod
WH stick before and after the mod

the swap is fairly easy.

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standalone Cougar TQS (Throttle) – Part I

A viper pit without a correct throttle is not fun.
however, Cougar is old, annoying and simply not a WH stick. but there is no replacement for the throttle.

in the long run, I want to build a throttle arm, and have the cougar TQS converted to hall sensor. but between here then there, I have a lot to do. so I’ve decided to opt for the much easier interim solution similar to theย RS TUSBAย (Throttle USB Adapter) – it’s not as classy, well made, and it’s defiantly not R2 (the final throttle will be closer to the R2). but with some basic work, it’s cost less then 35 Euros the TUSBA R1 currently costs.

In this part I’ll cover just the basic adapter PCB (not the software needed to drive it) – that will be in a future post (once I figure it out).

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Getting the Pit flight ready

after the last post in which we sorted out the screens, it’s time to tackle the flight controls.

I know the posts seem a bit out of order, well because I’m using the magic of WordPress, I’m actually facing the publishing date, and everything is written post effect, well it will end at some point ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, yes, flight controls…

While this is written, (I’m only back logging a month or two, so don’t worry) I’m using TM warthog and Saitek combat rudder. It will be at some point replaced by cougar throttle and maybe FCC3 – but that is in the unforeseen future.

Back to mounting existing hardware ๐Ÿ™‚

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