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Road to FCC – the Conclusion

I’ve stated writing this post in Nov. 2017, it sat in draft state for almost 3 years now. the FCC was already installed and working in my pit even then. I’ve made a few bug fixes over the years..
The FCC story came to a sad ending in March 2018. We were shocked over the loss of our friend, Arend van Oosten, creator of FCC, that had passed away. This also marks the sad end of FCC production. So this article, written lazily over 4 years after project has concluded, was supposed to be a complete and coherent thing that would conclude the FCC project, covering everything I’ve missed.

It won’t be. So much time has passed that I can’t really remember what was done, and what was not. which bugs were fixed and when.

I’ve installed the FCC in my pit, in a custom stickbase a friend has built for me. a simple little¬† metal construction based around a 60mm steel pipe with a top mounting bracket welded on top. drilled and tapped to match FCC specs. and attached to the console via a M12 bolt and nut. All of this is happily attached to my Warthog grip. So task complete! I have managed to have a true FCC3 for my Warthog, with a unique feature set tailored for me (and I hope all F-16 pit builders) that no commercial company will ever implement. As this was designed to a niche market within a niche market.

However, to all you FCC owners code and software is available on github along with some schematics that will help you build your own controller if you so wish. I will do my best to merge some changes made to the code elsewhere with some additional bug fixes. but no promises.

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