8700k overclock performance in DCS 2.5

A year has passed since I’ve upgraded my rig and benchmarked the process. In the year since I went over couple of overclock itterations most as a gutshot. In addition DCS has come a long way, 2.5 which is more VR focused had released and the community has stepped up with a VR performance mod.

So let the testing begin!

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Upgrading Sim rig from 2600k to 8700k, worth it?

It’s that time… I’ve been faithfully using my 2600K for the past 5+ years. And now, with the launch of Coffee Lake CPUs I decided it was time for an Upgrade, Mostly due to CPU bottlenecks I have in DCS in VR . The Internet is full of Benchmarks and reviews. However, No one does flight sims Benchmarking.  So I hope I’ll be able to provide some light on this niche games of ours. And help you my fellow simmers do make a more educated decision.

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Second Opinions – VR adventures Part IV

In this segment I wanted to get other peoples opinions. To get things into perspective. I’ve invited two people to have a go on the Vive in DCS:World and see what they say about the whole VR hype. The first, is an experienced GA pilot. The other, Is a veteran Virtual pilot, with decades of flight simulator experience.

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Taking to the sky – VR adventures Part III

As you are aware at this point, I own an HTC vive. I actually use it only in a sit down scenarios at this point (this blog is about my cockpit after all :-)).

I’ve been using the Vive for almost two weeks now, so join me to this breakdown of my user experience, so you can make the correct choice for yourself.

However, I will try and describe my experience, both ups and downs. However, I explicitly choose NOT to give a one line bottom line. I firmly believe that VR is very much a case of YMMV.

so if you came looking for a bottom line, save yourself some time 🙂
For the rest of you… let’s get started…