Uri_ba's pit

Decorating the pit – a little piece of hardware

Peten Kinda spoiled me. Acef, Peten and I were discussing how to create the TWP Jay-el switches, with something slightly cheaper.
Peten has the original things, and told me he, like a few other guys on VP, got theirs from Ebay by buying old RWR systems, the old IAF F-4 AN/APR-36 is pretty common around since they were retired almost a decade ago. The RWR itself is exactly the correct size, and the control panel has 10 Jay-El switches..

I’ve went to look for something, hoping to find treasures, buy I only found one busted RWR box, the price was about 80USD and I decided it will look good on the pit, to have one genuine piece of aviation hardware.

Uri_ba's pit

First baby pit steps

Now that the pit has arrived it’s time to start putting things in.

with the pit I’ve ordered 3 8″ LCD screens, two for MFD and one for the central console. I have my 27″ monitor and my PC to think about.

placing everything wasn’t easy, I need to think about where the power outlets are in the room, what goes to which outlet (I’m not fond of connecting the massive gaming rig to the same outlet with a treadmill or my soldering iron), where the window is (TIR hell!) and where the door is (I hate sitting with my back to the door – It makes me feel uncomfortable).

while I was trying to figure out where I would place the pit in my workroom, the Better half has suggested we trade room as here work room is more simple and there a lot of stuff in what was my room that are just bulky. So we swapped rooms, now I don’t have to deal with the treadmill, and I only have a closet full of shoes I need to allow access to.. Not the perfect man-cave, but hey, you take what you can get.

Eventually we will have this:

Pit being powered up after initial assembly. Aug. 18th, 2014
Pit being powered up after initial assembly.
Aug. 18th, 2014

But let’s break down what we have.

Uri_ba's pit

From Desk to Pit (welcome to the nuthouse)

As a person grows into flight sims, his list of toys is getting longer (usually). Personally I’ve started collecting them things back in when I was 6 (circa 1989). My first proper stick I got at the age of 13, a CH FlightStick pro with the CH throttle – I still have them laying around. by 2011 my gaming station looked like this.

Uri's PC - Nov 2010
Uri’s Desk – Nov 2010

this covered the “basics” (or at least for a low budget enthusiest):
X-52 Pro
TM MFD’s on Samsung U70 (USB 7″ screens).
with 20″ main monitor.

upgraded with time, I ended up with this:

Uri's Pit - Nov 2013
Uri’s Desk – Nov 2013

TM Warthog
Saitek Combat pedals
TIR4 (same unit)
TM MFD’s (same units)
27″ Main Monitor
18.5″ LCD for displays

But after, after all the tinkering with the DED and Arduino,
I suddenly had to have some more. Armed with a itchy trigger finger and a surprisingly supportive better half (I still have no idea what went through her head) I went ahead with the “must have a pit” plan.