Weekly Update – 2015/07/16

After a long long time, I figured it’s as good as any time to say a little on where I’m going in the near future.

  1. I need a new caution panel to work with I2C, I’m also switching from “source” to “Sink” si I’ll need to rewire the entire caution panel. so i’m in the process of figure out how is the best way to do it (and make it better) – either way, it’s about 8 hours of hand wiring I’m not looking forward for.

  2. once I get the CP done, I’ll need to adjust my DEDuino code, and I’ll be releasing it. the i2c code is already available in the git (1.2.0 – alpha 2). I’m looking forward for 1.2.0

  3. ICP – it’s really, really overdue. it seems that 90% of the time my hand touches the mouse it’s for the ICP.  I have a unique opportunity with the ICP, I’ll update on that when I can.  but it will be another project starring the Arduino Pro-micro and the LUFA library 🙂

Modding the TM Warthog with Ribbs Cougar tailpiece adapter

It has been a very long time since the last post. I had too many real world issues that I’ve barely touched the pit. however, sometime in late May I’ve got the Ribbs Cougar tail adapter for my WH stick.

it’s just the standard adapter – that fits both sticks (WH and cougar) and places the SSC in it’s correct forward 13 degrees forward position. naturally it is ment for Force modded sticks (FCC/FSSB) but it also improved the holding angle for the moving stick.

I know this is not perfect – but you can clearly see the angle change on the stick.

WH stick before and after the mod
WH stick before and after the mod

the swap is fairly easy.

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