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TM grip retention brace

As all FCC (and I assume RSSB users too) are aware, the way Thrustmaster are interfacing the grip to the base will cause, over time, and increasing amount of play in the grip. To solve this some solutions have been suggested by the community, from 3d printed braces to just sticking LEGO blocks between the grip and the locking screw. However, all those solutions work for the stock straight grip. However, If you have a 13 degrees adapter for the stick.. good luck with those.

So I’ve decided to try and model something for myself. I went with a press fit, no screws or any other fancy hardware.

it fits snugly under grip and reduces the play considerably. it does not eliminate play completely, but does an awesome job .

And to top it all off… I’ve uploaded the files to Thingiverse, so if you want it just grab it 🙂 please note that it’s licensed under CC-Share alike.


And for the giggles, a short before and after clip.. abd yes, the brace literally installs in 3 seconds.

Modding the TM Warthog with Ribbs Cougar tailpiece adapter

It has been a very long time since the last post. I had too many real world issues that I’ve barely touched the pit. however, sometime in late May I’ve got the Ribbs Cougar tail adapter for my WH stick.

it’s just the standard adapter – that fits both sticks (WH and cougar) and places the SSC in it’s correct forward 13 degrees forward position. naturally it is ment for Force modded sticks (FCC/FSSB) but it also improved the holding angle for the moving stick.

I know this is not perfect – but you can clearly see the angle change on the stick.

WH stick before and after the mod
WH stick before and after the mod

the swap is fairly easy.

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