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Solving my light Issues – initial thoughts

After trying to solve the light issues – I’ve decided to step back and look at the situation from another angle.

I have 4 OLED screens to drive – DED, PFL, CMDS and FFI
they are all using SPI – which means I’m low on I/O pins on Uno and Micro because of the need for CS for each screen.

My light situation is somewhat limited due to the same issue – If I go via SPI, I’ll need another CS pin for every device – and I’ll need to work around my issues with multiple SPI devices.

the Other option is keep the SPI for the OLEDs and swap all the lights to use I2C I/O expenders this will pretty much allow me to wire up everything and power it all via a single Arduino Due (due to the faster CPU and no memory issues). it will also allow me to overcome the issue I had with 3.3V logic on a 5V bus I have with the Due.

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DEDuino – Release Post

The day is finally here!

I’ve decided to release the project with all the issues I’ve found and could not fix – in hope that someone will be able to look at the code and schematics and help me hunt down the issues.

You can download the code from the Download Page 

And also available on github:

I hope this initial release would be a stepping stone for things to come! thank you all!


Release Readme:

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DEDuino – Pre-release update

Hi Folks,
Just a quick update.

I’ve been planning to release the code this weekend, however, I’ve got my Due Friday and i’ve realized I have a big fat bug I’ve yet to resolve. So unfortunatly this show stopper will push the release back by a bit. I hope to get it working this week.

I’ll keep you all posted,

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DEDuino – Working on the connector app

I’ve been working on the connector app today,

I’ve been adding some “behind the scenes” features which are not directly related to the functionality. I’ve also been trying to polish up the UI, making it as simple as possible as I can while keeping it clear to the user. I still have some bug squashing to do and a lot of code documentation to be done. But the app is pretty much ready to roll out.

The DED connector App - Devel Version
The DED connector App – Devel Version