THC Project

Keypad – Update No.3 – 28 Jan 2009

Well, the Keypad is done, painted and assembled…

Next on the Menu is wiring. First stage is connecting the commons together to a single line.

then we need to wire up the key pad. each keypad PB will be connected with two lines. One unique for each of them – for a key stroke. Second will be connecting all the PBs to a single keystroke on the I-PAC  that will function as a CTRL, SHIFT, ALT or what ever will be required to activate the layout for the keypad.

again, going with MAME project lines. I’m using CAT5 Network cables.

Word of advice – if possible use CAT5E cables and not normal CAT5. The CAT5E have thick copper wire as a conductor. while CAT5 use multiple very thin wires – that are much less durable.

This is how it looks like after all the wiring is done.


The last step that still needs to be done is connecting a diode to every lead for the joint connector.

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