Uri_ba's pit

And the saga begins

Well I’ll start off by saying that the Blog is a late start.

I’ve known from day one that I’ll need to blog this project, for others, as well as for myself. however this blog is starting in somewhat of a delay, as i’ve done some work already and got ahead. I’ve tried to document what I’ve done so far for this blog. but post affect posting, is a bit different.

With that said, I’m not posting any progress reports yet, as I have some issues to solve first.

What I’m actually trying to say, without much success is:

Welcome to my Pit blog.

I’m building an F-16 pit, for falcon BMS, As I mostly fly IAF F-16C Block 30 “Barak I” in ITO (which we at the 108th are developing), the Pit will be ITO block 30 inspired, I’ll try to walk the line between the real IAF block 30 and the BMS version of it.

The pit is based on the “ViperWIng” pit. Electronis are currently planned for Arduino,  but more on that as we progress!



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