8700k overclock performance in DCS 2.5

Conclusion Time

While DCS is known to LOVE single core performance, it seems that that is not the only thing needed. I can only assume that with a more powerful GPU, fps will keep increasing as the CPU performance scales up. However, one thing is clearly evident, in DCS load, disabling HT does not change FPS in any meaningful way.  

It seems to me, that pushing the CPU up to extreme overclock, at leased with my combo of GPU and HMD, running “sync all cores” which provides 4.7Ghz on 1.232V (compared to the 1.39V I needed to push to support 5.2Ghz) will definitely help with Thermals, power usage and probably CPU longevity. The best part of all of this, is that enabling XMP+sync all cores, is a very easy thing to do, and every person can do that without a very deep understanding in overclockand other “computer voodoo”. and the performance boost is noticeable.

if anyone is able to provide proper benchmark data with a more powerful GPU, i’d be happy to add it here.

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