Uri_ba's pit Weekly Updates

Weekly Update – 2015/08/02

Time for our brief quick weekly update.

This week’s topics:

  • DEDuino 1.2.0 is nearing
  • Redneck’s ICP is stuck in customs

1.2.0 is nearing, I still have some work to do, but this week has seen lot’s of progress.

most of it, revolves around performance tuning.
starting 1.2.0 the default board will the the Arduino Due, however, the support for Uno and Micro will be retained (where the Micro shows superior performance all across the board).
I don’t have a way to measure the change, But it’s was something I was able to notice.

I can only assume 1.2.0 will be officially released in September once I have the Caution panel working (It’s currently stuck because I’m too lazy to re-solder my entire control board for I2x :().

but as always, the latest “snapshot” is available in the project git (just get the master branch – 1.2.0-alpha5 is the latest).

My ICP kit from “Redneck” is stuck in Customs 🙁 I have filed all the paperwork to clear it, I hope to be able to get the work started on the electronics sometime next week. hoping to complete a working prototype by September as well.

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