THC Project

THC Project Expands.. :)

SSM2007 Keypad
SSM2007 Keypad

The I-Pac VE controller chosen for the Project – supports 28 switches, the THC itseft will use only 6 of them.

So I will try and add a keypad and hopefuly it will be functional later on down the road – on current SSM version (2.4) it will not be functional.

I’m pretty sure I will use the Apem 1415N switches – they pretty much what I need (and only a tad smaller then the real thing). but that might change during the build (havn’t ordered them yet).

I will try and use an IDE connector – but I am currently unable to find a decent IDE socket. I’ll need to start scavange Mobos to see if I can dissmental two.

if this will not wok, I will use an IDE cable (without the connectors) – this will allow me to hook up all 33 planed switches (from the keypad side) for future possiable upgrade.

shuttle Keypad is 8*4 – which makes it 32 switches . In addidtion I plan of using the controller “Shift” functions to allow me to use a simple off-on toggle switch and use the same keypad as two of the shuttle keypads (future upgrade will also allow On-Off-On switch to simulate 3 keypads by running two seperate shift modes).

A short count shows that the current controller only allows 22 more switches to be connected (6 are THC). luckly for us SSM only uses 21 of the keypad’s 32 keys. 0-9,period (.), + and -,OPS, ITEM, EXEC, SPEC, PRO, CLEAR, RESUME and GPC/CRT. one is of course the toggle switch.

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