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DED Adventures – Part 5 – And we’re expanding!

We’ll after we got the DED and FuelFlow sorted out it’s time to think on how to get everything packed for the real pit installation, in addition, when we have things running we get a better clue on available memory and CPU cycle limit. When I’ve changed the way the DED worked, I suddenly realized I’ve cleared the exact amout of memory to drive a second DED, or to be more precise, to drive the PFL. The PFL is identicle to the DED in size and resolution, the the adaptation was very easy, on the PC side of things, PFL uses exact same structure in the SharedMem. so it’s a matter of reusing the DED code.

    //PFL Lines
    char PFLLines[5][26];  //25 usable chars
    char PFLInvert[5][26]; //25 usable chars
DED, PFL and FuelFlow driven by Arduino Micro
DED, PFL and FuelFlow driven by Arduino Micro

Once we have that done, we can get some more thought into final solution. I’ve decided to start with the small scale, the Indexers.

I’ve decided to go with simple IDC 6 pin connector and 3 pirahna leds, I’ve got the Dimesions of the indexers and from that Acef and I deducted internal PCB dimesions, As I’m useless with any form of 3D stuff, Acef has made a quick drawing based on what I’ve send him.

Indexer PCB CAD drawing

Because the 6 Pin IDC has not arrived (ebay) I used a single row 6 pin header connector for prototyping.

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And all I can say about this prototype is

Great Sucess!

And if you got this far, you deserve a treat 🙂

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