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DEDuino – V.1.2.0

DEDuino version 1.2.0 is finally here.
The main change is the switch to i2c protocol to drive the lights. However several other change has also has been implemented.
To support the new features, a new software version has been released. please note that this version is not backwards compatible with the old code. and vice versa, DEDuino 1.2.0 can only work with app version and up. please note that DEDuino software will not automaticly update major version – so current devices should not be effected.

Main features for this release (1.2.0):
  • indicators have switched from SPI to i2c for better future expension. leaving more SPI capable pins for more screens.
  • Improved performance due to optimization.
  • Arduino:
    • Due is now the default due to the order of magnitude better perfomance wise.
    • Arduino Micro is very acceptable.
    • Uno is not recommended – it is capable of driving a single high-res display (as the DED) in acceptable rates, but it is noticeable (mostly due to slow serial comm speed and low memory available).
  • support in glareshield lights (eyebrows) in addition to the Indexers and CP support of previous release.
  • Arduino Due can be used using either USB ports (compile time configuration).
  • pre-configured i2c hardware functions, to make customization more user friendly.


As always, links for the download are at the download page.

2 replies on “DEDuino – V.1.2.0”

Hello. I want to order the lcd screens. I found the FF screen but i dont know how to find another 2 sxreens. What is their name?
And i really dont understand the schematics. How can i understand connections between lcd screens and Due better?
Thank you so much..

The link to the “other” screens (DED/PFL) I assume,mean be found on the project README file. You can just go to the project page on github, it’s there.

Anyway, I use the OLED displays by “eastrising”, they can be bought from “”. Use the 2.8 or 3.2, just ,are sure you take the version with the PCB.

As for the schematics, they are just an easy way to show the connection, you’ll need to look at the screen adapter schematics. It will show you how to connect the screen side, and the 6 lines going to the Arduino.

As for the arduino side, you can use the main board schematics, or use the define sections of the code to see exactly what pins are used.

IIRC, on the due:
Disp_A0 is pin 9
DED_SEL => pin 8
FF_SEL => pin 7
PFD_SEL => pin 6

I still have a DEDuino main board and screen adapters for sale,
Let me know if you are interested, I’ll email you the details.

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