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Weekly update – 2015/08/16

This week’s topics:

  • ICP still stuck in customs  😐
  • Still working on the eyebrow lights – hope to get it done sometime soon 😉
  • DEDuino code and app are going through some major changes and evolved quite nicely over the last few weeks
  • Caution Panel – I’ve ordered a caution panel from Jshep, in stead of building one from scratch.
  • DEDuino “User guide”.

Caution Panel
I’ve decided not to spend two days re-wiring a control board for the caution panel I’ve made in the past. I’ve decided to opt to spend money in order to save time, And ordered Jshep’s CP two weeks ago. I got it last Thursday, and that evening I got it to work . I’ll post something about it in a dedicated post. I’m just thinking what to do, as the Hispapanel CP I have is too big. 🙁 I’ve spoken with Jshep, He has told me that the PCB will fit the “Viperpanels” CP (for which it was initially designed). I’m currently checking my options.

Jshep CP testing - Image captured from demo video
Jshep CP testing – Image captured from demo video

DEDuino User guide
Not a real user manual, but rather a “quick install guide” for the few that chose to source out my PCBs (or got them in other ways). it’s still in the works and will be added to the repo once completed.

Code rework
I’ve decided long ago that I’ll release 1.2.0 once I have all the key features implemented in i2c. what that actually mean is Indexers and CP. Now that I have things sorted out with Jshep’s CP, release is even closer. Once I have everything stable, I’ll decide about the actual release. might even include the Eyebrow stuff. It all depends on when the ICP will arrive.

I’ve already added two experimental chunks of code, the CMDS display and the eyebrow. because of their state, I will remove them from the actual release.  however, the release will feature some performance enhancements, mostly aimed at the due, but should effect other devices as well.

in addition to this, the App has been reworked quite significantly, most of the work is done “behind the scenes”, to make the code more readable and easier to maintain. For now just for me, but also in preparation to release the code in the  future.

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