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Helping out a fellow nut (DED’s first away game)

I’ve been contacted by “MrWell”, a BMS/ViperPits community member, to help him out with the FuelFlow Indicator after seeing my initial posts few weeks ago.

So I took some time to try and optimize the code to arduino Uno (Which I’ve planned on doing anyways) and Help a fellow nut by giving him to test out some experimental code. this is not a “numbered episode” but it’s related 🙂

He got a 1.3″ OLED off ebay
(Or a very similar chinese screen) But as long as it’s SPI and supported by u8glib. it should be working.

the pinout was a little quirky
VCC, GND and RES are oviouse, CS and DS are also standard.
but D0 and D1 are the SCK and MOSI but it’s not really clear which is which. U8glib helps with this – as it states that D0 = SCK and D1 = MOSI. SWEET!!

connecting to the right places worked for him with a little tweak in the code – Replacing the u8glib constractor to support the different display controller and it’s already updated for the code that would be released soon to everyone.

So fuelflow would work both with SSD1306 and with SH1106 displays.

This is how it looks with FuelFlow Only (No DED or indexer support compiled into the code) on my Arduino Uno.


And He also made a video – so we know it works 🙂
Thanks for helping out man! 🙂

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