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new update in the works – and I’ve started working on input devices.

Hi Guys,
Just a quick update,

I’ve done some re-fracturing to the code making it more readable and easier to configure for those of you how prefer not to dig in too dip into the software more than they must.

I’ve still got some testing to finish, but I hope to get it out my the middle of the week.

I’ve also doing some work to make the FFI usable again on Uno,
Unfortunately the new font is eating more RAM that the Uno can handle – So I’ll be reverting uno users to the old standard font as it was originally – it will be less accurate – but the overhaul performance should be back to reasonable (as it was).

As it is, I’ll stop developing new things for the Uno, and this will be the last release the Uno is the default. I will leave all the current things for the uno, and I’ll make sure I maintain compatibility with it in the base things, but it will no longer be the default arduino.

The Micro (32u4 based stuff) – are the new minimum recommended for now – you can get a pair of “Pro Micro” clones for 10-15USB off ebay, so that is good enough IMHO.

I continue however to recommend getting a Due, or Due compatible board, if you are planning extensive use of this project in your pit.

As the project progress, the added CPU and RAM will git it a very obvious performance advantage.


Other then that…

I’ve started working on Input device, my first victim will be the ICP, I’m planning (for now) to use ATMEGA328P chips, clocked at 20Mhz as input devices using V-USB library.

As a first step, I’m going to rid myself of the need for a programmer, by burning the usnoobie firmware on them. usnoobie, allow the ATMEGA, with a press of a button on boot, to become an ASPusb programmer, and upload code to themselfs, allowing those input devices to be firmware upgrade-able without too much trouble.

another option I’m considering is using the previously mentioned “Pro Micro” as input devices using the LeoJoy project. as the 32u4 has native USB capability saving all the fuss for setting up a VUSB hardware rig. but I’ll get some experiense with both, and deside later down the road. so far using a custom hardware solution seems more attractive to me (just because.. :)) – but the simplicity of using a micro will probably win at some point down the road.


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Hi Canon,
I’ve seen these boards, as I’m said, I might use an off shelf solution eventually, however, I prefer to look at the ICP as a learning experience, learn how to work and design a custom HID device.
Once I’ll get it to partially work (on the breadboard – with a few buttons and one or two axis). I’ll be able to properly evaluate it.
if possible, I’ll even try having a single chip show up as two devices. This will allow me for example Drive the entire front console switches (including the ICP) from a single USB connector.
(and the same goes to the right and left consoles (to some extent)).

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