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DEDuino – V1.1.4

Yet another patch for the code.
this release has focused on two things.
1. Making the code easier to handle for the novice.
2. Bringing the performance of the Uno back to acceptable level.

To achieve this, a new “config.h” file was created, bringing together all the important settings and features (I’ve even tried to get everything properly documented…).

Please note that the default is now “Arduino Micro” – as it is in my opinion that minimum required board (due to the Uno Memory constraints). If you with to use an Uno (or a Mega as some are doing – please make sure to select the proper option)

To get the performance back to the uno the code now intentionally disabling RealFFI and Bezel options (regardless of what “config.h” says). This can be overridden via the “fuelflow.h” file – but please note there is a performance impact.
As always, links for the download are at the download page.

Happy flying!

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