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Weekly Update – 2015/08/09

This week’s topics:

  • Cougar TQS update
  • Glareshield lights support for DEDuino
  • and my ICP still stuck in customs

cougar TQS update:

My open source Cougar throttle adapter has been updated over the week end. it’s actually a pretty small update but a significant one.
My cougar is relatively old, with serial number around 20k .
over the weekend I’ve built another adapter for a friend, and tested it on another cougar throttle I had lying around. which belongs to another friend (I’ve had repaired it for him). his cougar is from a late series with serial over 35K.

apparently, over the years they have moved around some of the connectors, as the microstick and rotaries are reversed in the pins compared to the older throttle.
The change in the code actually makes it easier for the user to change it via the code, and in addition, I’ve added two pre-compiled to support the different layouts.

Glareshield lights:

More on this will be in a future dedicated article, but I’ve started working on the glareshield support using a single MCP23017 chip.
I have made the right glareshield light panel from red wide angle LEDs. with that I’ve started laying out the parts for the controller board, trying to figure out how to spread the parts around.

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ICP in customs:

I’m putting this here in hope that it will be resolved soon 🙂 but my ICP is still in customs being re-inspected and stuff… hope I’ll get it next week….

That’s it for this week…


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